Colorado State University (CSU) has announced that it’s building a “slaughter teaching facility” on campus, and it’ll be located near the Morgan Library. So gross, right?!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a school has opened a slaughterhouse on campus. But because more and more Americans are avoiding animal-derived foods and are learning about the cruelty inherent in eating meat, it’s surprising that the university would allow the meat industry to build this $12.5 million facility on its campus.

Not only will the presence of a slaughterhouse be psychologically traumatizing for students, it’ll also be dangerous and unsanitary. Slaughterhouse workers reportedly average more than one amputation a month as a result of workplace injury and dump about 450,000 gallons of bloody water down the drain daily. A facility like this has no place on a college campus.

pigs in slaughterhouse

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals 

Students are outraged at the school’s plans and have started a campaign against it using the hashtag #NoCSUSlaughterhouse.

But should the school choose to build this cruel facility, we have a few suggestions—because, as you know, peta2 is always here to help! So, here you go, CSU:

  1. Build the slaughterhouse with glass walls. If you have no problem with what this facility is teaching, let everyone on campus see what is going on in there. #TheMoreYouKnow
  2. Put cameras in the facility. This will hold everyone inside accountable regarding the treatment of the animals losing their lives, and maybe you could even livestream! I know my parents always enjoyed the live cameras that showed us playing in the snow on campus when I was in college—this is almost the same thing, right?
  3. Give mandatory tours to all meat-eaters. Show people how their “food” is being produced while showing off this swanky new building of yours.

What You Can Do

Go vegan! You’ll save more than 100 hundred animals’ lives every single year just by keeping their body parts, milk, and eggs off your plate.