So, this is disturbing: Unlimited quantities of cow heart parts are legally allowed in ground beef, and they have been since 1906.

Fortune reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) allows beef producers to use “beef heart meat,” defined as “cardiac muscle trimmed from the ventricular wall of a beef heart.” However, the USDA offers a different definition for “beef hearts” and says that those can’t be used.

Um, as if “beef heart meat” is chill but “beef hearts” are totally out of the question? Y’all, you’re still eating parts of ground-up cows’ hearts—there’s no pushing that aside.

Let’s be real: Not only is eating any body part gross as heck, it’s also cruel, horrible for human health, and detrimental to our environment. We’re not supposed to eat meat—it’s plain and simple!


Luckily for your body, our environment, and cows, vegan beef products are becoming mainstream, and they’re cruelty-free—and bomb. Trust us: You need to try these.

veggie burger

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