Cradle of FilthWhen I was first introduced to Cradle of Filth in middle school, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the lightning-fast guitars and the lyrical imagery that drew from history, mythology, and horror films. And who could forget the piercing vocals of Dani Filth?! With more than a decade of gothic metal, boasting albums like The Principle of Evil Made Flesh and the most recent release, Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder, Cradle of Filth has never disappointed fans.

We were able to catch up with the mastermind behind those screaming guitar licks you know and love, Paul Allender, and learned that despite the black metal exterior, Cradle of Filth’s guitarist is a lover of animals. No topic was too controversial for Paul, and he gave his honest reactions on everything from product testing on animals to dogfighting and animal homelessness.

Here’s what Paul had to tell us …

I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something especially awesome about a notorious metal band that takes time out of their day to speak up in defense of those who can’t speak for themselves. Bands like Cradle of FilthLamb of GodTrivium, and Killswitch Engage are living proof that metal and animal rights go hand-in-hand. Haven’t caught a Cradle of Filth live show yet? You don’t know what you’re missing! Check out their tour dates on their MySpace page—and don’t forget to sign our pledge refusing to purchase products from corporations that abuse animals. If the guitarist for Cradle of Filth thinks product testing on animals is “gross,” you know it’s gross.