1. You can’t imagine studying by yourself.

You just can't imagine studying by yourself!

2. You know it’s time to STOP studying when you get THIS look.

PETA office dogs

3. You don’t have a purse, you have a “dog carrier.”

bax in purse

4. You know a dirty floor is a small price to pay for a really good hug.

Doggie hugs are the best hugs.

 5. You honestly don’t think dog slobber is gross.

Dog Kiss

6. Your “selfies” are NEVER just of you.

selfie dogs

7. You feel weird if no one’s lurking around while you eat.

Dog Begging

8. You’ve somehow managed to manipulate your friends into being as obsessed with your dog as you are.

Baxter and Friend

9. You’ve made your dog’s face into a fabric pattern (crazy dog person level: EXPERT).

Make a dress featuring your doggy's face!

You know you're a crazy dog person when your clothing matches your dog.

10. You feel actual anger when you hear that someone bought a dog from a breeder instead of adopting.

Adopt. Don't shop!

11. You spend more money on your dog’s seasonal outfits than your own.

You spend more money on your dog's outfits than your own.

12. You know that birthdays aren’t just for humans.

Birthdays aren't just for humans.

You know that birthdays aren't just for humans.

 13. You’ve grown accustomed to having company in the bathroom.

I'm watching you...

14. You don’t really get the point of outings where you can’t take your dog.

Out With Dogs

15. You’d never dream of crating your dog.

dog in crate

Waiting it out | OakleyOriginals | CC by 2.0 

 16. You really don’t mind sitting on the floor so that they can have the couch.

Couch Dogs

17. You can’t sleep without a fuzzy butt in your face or a paw on your arm.

Fuzzy,  sleeping butts.

18. You think your dog is the most important “person” in the room and get confused when others don’t agree.

Cole attends important office meetings.

19. Loving your pup has made you a more thoughtful and compassionate person.


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