I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas! It’s a time to get together with friends and family and eat a lot of yummy vegan food, and—OK, I’ll just go ahead and say it—it’s the perfect excuse to get your shopping on!

christmas tree decorations
Photo by: tamburix | CC by 2.0 

Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift for your other half or a sibling or if you just want to treat yourself for being on the “nice” list this year—peta2 has you covered! Check out some of our favorite cruelty-free Christmas gifts:

  • e.l.f.: Do you know any makeup fans, or are you looking to get all glammed up for a holiday party? e.l.f. has an awesome all-vegan makeup line that’s super-affordable, and the best part is that you can find it at almost any drugstore. Oh, and e.l.f. has the cutest holiday makeup packs, too!
  • “Not a Nugget” Zip Hoodie: Everyone needs to stay warm during the winter, so why not do it in style while spreading the message about going vegan at the same time?
  • Vegan shoes: Shopping for a girl? In my book, you can never go wrong with shoes! Check out our favorite cruelty-free shoe trends for winter.
  • Cookies: Ever heard the phrase “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, guess what? That works with everybody! Show all your friends how much you ♥ them and how delicious vegan food is by making some vegan sweets for them. Check out our recipe section for some awesome ideas on what to make.
  • Movies: There’s nothing better than cuddling up on a cold winter day to watch movies. Check out our list of animal-friendly movies that you can leave under the tree for your friends this year.
  • Vegan stocking stuffers: When it comes to Christmas stockings (or anything in life!), you can’t go wrong with candy. Check out some of our favorite vegan candy and pretty them up with our holiday tags.
  • Give a PETA Present: Choose a PETA “virtual gift” to help save a rabbit’s skin, give a lonely “backyard dog” a toy, or help rescue an animal in need. Your recipient will receive an e-card with a personal message, and you’ll be able to help the animals you love!

Oh, and don’t forget those very special family members—your animal companions! Check out our top five gifts for dogs and cats.

Happy holidays from peta2!