We at peta2 have got Cutest Veg votin’ fevah! We wanted to share some of our faves with you…

Ryan’s picks:

  • Christy gets my vote, because she traveled all the way to Norfolk, VA to attend last year’s Animal Rights Road Trip event at the PETA HQ, participates in lots of peta2’s online advocacy campaigns, and has a sweet fox tattoo on her arm!
  • As for the dudes, I give my coveted endorsement to Thomas—not just because he’s a guitar-playing Romeo, but also because he actually kind of reminds me of myself when I was in college. See the resemblance?

Cody’s picks:

  • Christina gets my vote because she seems like a person that keeps things fun and she’s been vegan for 7+ years, so I’m rooting for her!
  • Hunter gets my vote because he seems like a classy fella, and I support that. Good luck, Hunter!

Megan’s picks:

  • Bridget gets my vote for her enthusiasm for everyone’s favorite peta2 holiday—Hug a Vegetarian Day!
  • For the guys, I’m voting for Paul and his very clever marketing. That adorable head-butting cat of yours just secured you my vote!

Joey’s picks:

  • For the girls, I’ll go with Tara. I love how she equated peace and love with not eating animals. Golden!
  • Cole is my pick. He doesn’t look like a “typical” peta2 kid and he lives in Indiana—I feel like that would help show that anyone can be veg/animal-friendly.

Sunny’s picks:

  • Lauren’s photo caught my eye… it looks like a still from a movie. She’s a vegan cutie and I just overall dig her vibe.
  • On the dude front, I think I’m gonna go with Richard. Not only does he grow his own fur, but his mini bio is pretty frickin’ genius: “I’m like if Michael Cera played James Dean in a movie written by Tina Fey.” Yeah, we can hang out. 😉

All right, who are you voting for?

You have until May 10th to get your votes in before the finalists are announced, so hurry-hurry and rock that vote!