He may play a “never nude” on Fox’s hit comedy Arrested Development, but David Cross wasn’t afraid to bare his skin to help animals to keep theirs in PETA’s latest anti-fur ad. Poised and ready to take the runway by storm, a buck-naked David appears in PETA’s “Wear your own fur. Let animals keep theirs,” ad.

David Cross Fur AdDavid Cross is known for the outrageously funny Mr. Show (who can forget the famous Tofutti sketch?!), his stand-up comedy, and countless comedic movie roles, but one thing that he is serious about is cruelty to animals. So he agreed to help educate consumers about what really happens to animals who become victims of fashion.

There’s nothing funny about being electrocuted, drowned, strangled, gassed, beaten to death, or caught in a steel-jaw leghold trap just so that some greedy, heartless person can wear your skin because they think that it makes them look rich or glamorous. In reality, it just shows everyone how ugly they are.

David’s got some choice words for one fur-wearin’ celeb in particular … find out who, and hear what he has to say about having tea with rabbits (yeah, that’s right, rabbits) in our exclusive video interview.