On Monday, June 11, a Toronto resident found a flock of 14 geese who had been brutally killed. Their heads had been cut off, and other body parts, including legs and wings, had been removed from some of them, too.

Because the geese’s bodies were intact except for the heads and other body parts that had been removed, authorities think that a human is to blame for the massacre. One goose miraculously survived the attack and was treated for two broken ribs and a puncture wound at the Toronto Wildlife Centre. The strong-willed bird is lucky to be in stable condition.

The police are still investigating the horrific crime but haven’t made any arrests in connection to it yet. The fact that someone could harm these animals is disturbing on a number of levels. Acts of cruelty to animals are signs of severe mental disturbance in the person committing them.

Research in psychology shows that many people who abuse animals go on to harm humans, too. It’s in the best interests of humans and nonhuman animals alike for anyone with information about this crime to come forward and speak with the police.

In an effort to help catch whoever is responsible for this act, we have offered a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction for cruelty to animals in this case. A small silver lining to this awful incident is that Oloun Polda, a local Toronto resident, has offered to match the amount, making the total reward $10,000.

This is a reminder that even though there are cruel people who go out of their way to harm animals, compassionate people—like you—will stand up for them. Please share this story to help us find the killer.

Geese are remarkable animals. Couples mate for life as well as raise and protect their babies together. If a goose is sick or wounded, two flockmates will stay with the bird until he or she can fly again or passes away. These animals share the Earth with us and deserve to live in peace, just as we do.

Anyone with information about this case should call the Toronto Police Service at 416-808-2222.