The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s latest album, Miss Machine, received rave reviews, raced up the charts, and even prompted the magazine NME to proclaim, “F**k those Beatles squares: New Jersey’s DEP are incontrovertibly the greatest band the world has ever seen.”

Check out Liam's new ad!

Check out Liam’s new ad!

We’re not about to touch that one, but we will admit that bassist Liam Wilson is pretty darn cool. Of course, that might have something to do with his decision to drop by PETA’s headquarters to shoot a pro-vegan ad for peta2. The ad features a quote by English novelist Aldous Huxley, which Liam spied while eating at New York’s award-winning vegan restaurant Angelica Kitchen, along with the tagline: “Learn the truth. Go vegan.”

“It always seemed like the more intelligent option,” says Liam. “And, personally, there was always the spiritual and even psychoactive element of vegetarianism that clicked with me.”

What exactly does Liam mean when he says that vegetarianism is the more intelligent option? Befuddled by the term “psychoactive element”? Just want to know why Liam went vegan in the first place? There’s only one way to find out—watch the video below for behind-the-scenes footage and an exclusive interview.