A PETA fieldworker was delivering doghouses and straw bedding to vulnerable dogs in rural North Carolina when she spotted Sebastian.

sebastian mini horse 2

The mini horse was forced to live all alone in a muddy, cramped pen littered with broken boards and his own poop. He had no food, water, or shelter. His face was disfigured, he walked with a limp, and he had a serious eye infection, which had gone untreated for a long time.

Sebastian muddy pen

When Sebastian’s owner agreed to give him up so that he could have a better life, we immediately took him to a local farm, where he saw a veterinarian who treated his eye infection. The veterinarian confirmed that the tiny horse had sustained a blunt-force injury years ago, leaving him with partial paralysis that affects his face and hind leg. Unfortunately, the damage to Sebastian’s face is permanent—but he still looks majestic. His disability doesn’t hold him back—he just dribbles a bit when he eats and drinks. And despite his limp, he can run like the wind!

Once Sebastian was well enough to travel, he was transported to his permanent home in New Mexico, where he met his new friends, including a playful pig and some curious goats (#SquadGoals). He celebrated his arrival at his new home by kicking up his heels and rolling around in the dirt.

Welcome home, Sebastian!

If you see an animal who is in danger—for example, if the animal is emaciated, is obviously ill or injured, or has no shelter or cannot access it—notify animal control or the police immediately. If neither responds quickly, contact us