ICYMI: Domino’s Pizza has vegan cheese on the menus of 55 locations in Israel. ? That’s right—go ahead and celebrate for a second. But hold the phone, because the chain still hasn’t offered a dang vegan cheese option in the U.S. Cheesus crust, Domino’s—get it together. ?

Of course, Twitter users had some things to say, because #WeNeedVeganPizza—the FOMO is real, people. ?

Some people stole a pizza our hearts and politely tweeted:

Others were still grate but a bit pushier:

And this might seem cheesy, but these users said what we’ve all been thinking:

After hearing from upset customers, Taco Bell decided to make its rice vegan again. And let’s not forget that after people demanded vegan ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s delivered with not one but seven nondairy options. It does work. Companies do listen to customers. ?

Now’s the time to keep the pressure on and join the thousands of people who have demanded that Domino’s start listening and add vegan cheese options to all of its menus. It’s as easy as vegan pizza pie.

Ask Domino’s For Vegan Cheese!