A version of this article originally appeared on PETA.org

Last week, Drake made an exciting announcement: He’s vegetarian. During a livestream, the Canadian rapper confessed that he no longer eats animals:

“I don’t eat meat anymore. But I enjoy pineapple on pizza though.”

We’re all about Drake’s new animal-friendly eating. To say congrats, PETA has sent the Hotline Bling singer a vegan gift basket, which includes—you guessed it!—passionfruit.

Drake’s decision to ditch meat is widely beneficial—to himselfto the environment, and, of course, to animals. By not eating them, Drake’s sparing countless animals torture and death. But there’s one more step that he should take to help prevent animal suffering: He must end the partnership between his company, October’s Very Own (OVO), and Canada Goose immediately.

PETA included a letter to Drake urging the rapper to cut ties with Canada Goose, a company that touts a phony respect for the environment yet kills ducks and geese for their down. Take a look at this eyewitness footage of Canada Goose’s so-called “[e]thically sourced down”:

The company also uses painful steel traps to catch wild coyotes—who pray to make it back in one piece to their families but instead suffer and are killed in horrible ways so that their fur can go around someone’s neck.

This senseless violence for the sake of a jacket is inexcusable. Yet Canada Goose continues to add coyote fur and goose feathers to its parkas, and OVO continues to partner with it.

Urge Drake to Stop Supporting Animal Abuse—in All Its Forms

There’s no excuse for an artist and role model of Drake’s caliber to disregard the acute suffering of sensitive, feeling beings. Use your voice to urge the rapper to cut ties with Canada Goose Douche immediately and, moving forward, partner only with progressive brands that don’t harm animals.