Actor Emma Kenney is so sick of dog breeders—and she wants everyone to know why. Like her Shameless character, Debbie “Debs” Gallagher, Emma is a badass—she’s not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for animals. Check out her hilarious AF rant!

Since breeders don’t require the puppies or kittens that they sell to be spayed or neutered, these animals can soon have litters of their own. These purebred dogs also face serious health problems, thanks to inbreeding. (Mothers mating with their own sons? Ew, no!) These cruel practices contribute to the overpopulation crisis and make it even harder to find loving homes for animals who already need them. Every time that an animal is purchased from a pet store or breeder, one in a shelter loses the opportunity to find a home.

Emma’s passion for animal rights doesn’t end there: She wears only faux leather and proudly modeled a peta2 tee urging people in search of an animal companion to adopt, not buy, which means saving one of the more than 6 million dogs and other animals who enter U.S. animal shelters each year.

Rock your own “Adopt, Don’t Buy” peta2 tee, too!

As for those who think that getting a “designer” dog from a breeder is the only way to go, Emma gave them a piece of her mind:

“Well do you know what I want? For you to get your head out of your ass!”

Seriously, Emma is our hero!

What You Can Do to Help

Ready to add a companion animal to your home? Take Emma’s advice: Always adopt—never buy. Shelters are full of puppies of all kinds! is a great resource filled with eager mutts of all ages who’d love to become a member of your family.

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