What’s the price of beauty? That’s a pretty complicated question. But for Evanna Lynch, the answer is simple—beauty should never involve cruelty to animals. The stunning Harry Potter actor and longtime vegan teamed up with peta2 to make a new kind of makeup tutorial that shows what life for animals in labs is really like.

In this freaky spot, Evanna switches things up and gets her makeup done by a laboratory technician. The problem is—it’s the most painful experience ever! Check it out.

From getting her skin burned by suspicious chemicals to being force-fed black sludge, Evanna can’t seem to catch a break from the experimenter (aka “torturer”? ?) named Chad. Countless rabbits, rats, and mice endure this same kind of torture in China, where imported cosmetics are tested on animals. Only, it’s worse—their lives end in labs after loads of painful experiments.

Evanna’s darkly funny—and all-too-true—perspective on animal testing proves that getting made up shouldn’t involve cruelty to animals.

Animal Testing Ain’t Pretty

“OK, so that was quite painful, and as you can see, some of the skin is peeling away. Um, yeah, some permanent scarring there. Um, ‘kay, I guess this is my face. Can I wash it off? No? OK, no.”

—Evanna Lynch

Poisoned on the regular … harsh chemicals spread on tender, exposed skin … burning concoctions forced into your eyes: Evanna’s tongue-in-cheek video only hints at how scary and awful labs really are for animals. Real talk: Animal testing laboratories are a living nightmare.

Rats, mice, and bunnies are used in these useless—and extremely painful—experiments because they’re small, gentle, and easy to handle.

Experimenters poison rats or mice to see what happens when a high dose of a chemical is given to them. Rabbits are identified by numbers instead of names. Their fur is scraped off, and harsh chemicals are smeared onto their tender skin and into their eyes—and they aren’t washed off or given any pain medication. The chemicals stay in their eyes for days or weeks on end, causing excruciating amounts of pain.

The substances can cause their skin to swell and even bleed. The eye “tests” can also lead to cloudy vision or permanent blindness. After enduring a life of torture and misery, they’re killed.

While a makeup tutorial won’t show the inordinate amounts of pain that go into a tube of lipstick or eye mascara, the ugly truth remains: Animals are tortured and killed in China for cosmetic and personal-care products that are also sold in the U.S.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Is What’s Up

“If you’re not OK with putting animals through these tests, then maybe you should only be buying cosmetics that are truly cruelty-free.”

—Evanna Lynch

Cruelty-free makeup looks great, and it’s one of the best ways to combat animal testing. Just look for the cruelty-free bunny logo, or check out peta2’s Cruelty-Free List to ensure that the mascara you’ve been eying was made with compassion. Plus, with so many rad companies like ColourPop, Kat Von D, and e.l.f. Cosmetics that offer a full range of makeup products, you can have virtually any look your heart desires—with no cruelty to animals involved!

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What You Can Do to Help

Don’t purchase products from companies that test on animals.

Share this page with family and friends, and remember: No beauty look is worth the price of animal suffering.

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