Every year millions of frogs, rats, mice, cats, and other animals are killed for classroom dissections. The animals who die needlessly for dissection feel pain and experience fear, just like the animals you may have at home.

It’s awful enough to see frogs, mice, and even cats used in classroom dissections, but what’s worse is learning where these animals come from. Many cats used for dissection are strays that have been taken off the streets or picked up by people who answer “free to a good home” ads—the animals are later sold to suppliers. A PETA undercover investigation video shows live cats being injected with formaldehyde and left to suffer a horrific death. No student should have to participate in something that they are morally opposed to and that directly contributes to the suffering of an animal. You have the right not to dissect.

Check out our video with two of the hottest chicks in metal, Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez from the Arizona screamo band Eyes Set To Kill. They took time off from their busy schedule touring with bands like Drop Dead Gorgeous and I Am Ghost to speak up about how to get alternatives to dissection in your school.

With so many technologically advanced, cruelty-free alternatives to dissection available, there is no excuse for anyone to be killing or using animals in the name of education. Click here to find out if your state has a dissection choice policy.