Fall Out Boy and Cobra Starship on one bill—what more could a person ask for? Not only is it going to result in an absolutely amazing show full of dancing to the ever-awesome keytar, it turns out that it also makes for the single best interview experience of your life! OK, so maybe I’m going a bit overboard. The interview was so fabulous, however, that we just have to show the whole thing to you guys, which is why we broke it up into three separate segments for your viewing pleasure!

Gabe Saporta—Cobra’s charismatic leading man—sat down with peta2’s favorite Fall Out Boy, Andy Hurley, and the two talked about vegetarianism, fur, Hemingway, and who’s the most stylish on tour. (FYI—my vote for this one most definitely goes to the guy rockin’ the Justin Timberlake necklace.) Want to know just what the hell I’m talking about? Guess you’ll have to watch below to find out.