Jim Bahn / CC by 2.0

As much as I’m down for some good ol’ hair featherin’ (seeing the ’80s are back and kickin’), I am not down with flaunting real feathers from our bird friends in the name of fashion.

It seems as though these cruel feather hair extensions popped up overnight, and now everyone and their grandma is wearing them. Sure, at first glance, these feathery accessories may look kind of cool, but they are in fact the reason that many roosters lose their lives. Roosters used to make these extensions are bred and genetically altered to produce long, luxurious saddle feathers (the ones on their backsides, which take years to grow) before they are killed and de-feathered. What costs these animals their lives in turn costs anywhere from $40 to $500 per saddle and can only be worn by the consumer for a mere two or three months.

So instead of supporting the slaughter of thousands of animals each week just to have feathers in your hair, why not instead opt for a pretty flower, some spunky-colored hair extensions, or a classy rhinestoney barrette… or stay tuned for our DIY ribbon version of these accessories (coming very soon)!