Are you ready for a secret? I used to be a zombie! Yeah, that’s right. I used to love chowing down on body parts until I made the connection that they were well … body parts.  BBQ chicken is one of the meals that I grew up on, and now I can enjoy flesh-free! This recipe is super easy and is a great way to show your zombie friends and fam the way!


Other ingredients:

  • 2-4 Gardein chicken breasts (depending on which package you buy)
  • BBQ sauce (most brands are vegan, just check the ingredients!)
  • Olive oil spray

First things first, prep your grill! If you’re not the outdoorsy type, pick up a tabletop grill (seriously—this thing has changed my life!) that will work just as well. Spray the olive oil cooking spray on the grill to make sure your goods don’t stick. Take your frozen Gardein chick’n breasts and cover them with your fave BBQ sauce—make sure they’re coated! Throw them on the oiled grill and let them sizzle until they’ve got those tried and true grill marks. Make sure to flip them a couple of times to make sure cooking is even! Pair them with sides like mine—a quick steamed corn and collard green mix and easy garlic bread—and serve up!

Not sure where to find vegan food? Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Harris Teeter, Kroger, Safeway, Target, and other stores are stocking more and more! Check out Gardein’s product locator to find out where you can get Gardein near you!