They said it would never be done. They said, it’s just too much. Too delicious. Too powerful. It would surely signal the downfall of the modern flesh burger industry. And you know what? They might have been on to something.

Yup, it’s the biggest, boldest, burger on the block. All of those lesser burgers made of dead animals can just step aside, to make room for … the 5-layer taco burger.

“The 5-Layer Taco Burger” Replace:

  • Beef patty with a veggie burger (I like Amy’s brand)
  • Cheese with vegan cheddar (Daiya is delicious—I also like Tofutti and smoked cheddar Sheese, grated)
  • Sour cream with Sour Supreme

Other ingredients:



Frozen roasted potatoes

Canned refried beans

Corn tortillas

Corn (canned or fresh)

Taco seasoning


  • In a skillet, grill your burger over medium heat, covering it in taco seasoning until cooked through. In a separate pan, heat up the frozen potatoes, sautéing in oil until light brown.
  • Microwave the refried beans for a couple of minutes, or until hot.
  • Begin stacking, using tortillas to separate your layers (cut to the size of the bun). Here’s the order, from bottom to top:
    • Bun
    • Burger
    • Beans
    • Guacamole/Sour Supreme
    • Corn/potatoes
    • Cheese/jalapenos
    • Bun

Makes 1 really effin’ satisfying serving