When it comes to UK rock, nobody does it better than the Welsh. Fact. You want proof? You can’t handle the proof!!! Or, if you can, then here it is: Kids in Glass Houses, Bullet For My Valentine, Super Furry Animals, erm … Tom Jones? Well, you get the idea! New to our ever-growing list of Welsh rocker mates, we proudly present Matt Davies from Funeral for a Friend!

We’re even more pleased to announce that Matt has recently decided to drop the lamb chops in favour of healthy veggie alternatives! Check out what Matt had to say about just what it was that made him stop eating animals. Matt, it’s over to you ….

So, Matt, how long have you been vegetarian? And what made you make the switch?
I haven’t been a vegetarian for very long – just coming past the 8-month period. To be honest, I never really ate that much meat in the past. It took me a while to make the emotional connection to the way I feel about the treatment of animals in relation to my own life. Now that I am a vegetarian, I feel a lot better in myself and about the way I live my life.

Do you have any advice for people who want to go vegetarian but aren’t sure how to make the transition?
Eating sensibly is important whether you’re a vegetarian or not. These days, there are so many products out there that substitute meat products [with] vegetarian alternatives that make the transition painless.

What’s your new favourite meal?
My favourite meal is a British Sunday Lunch with nut roast – I love it! Fresh-cooked seasonal vegetables and a Yorkshire pudding. That does the trick for me. These days the idea of vegetarianism is so common that it’s quickly becoming a standard thing to think about.

Have you ever seen any videos that expose cruelty to animals? How did you feel seeing how animals were treated?
I haven’t seen any videos, but I’ve seen pictures, and they are horrific. It makes me wonder why it took so long for me to make the emotional connection.

Are there any other animal issues that are important to you?
I don’t agree with wearing fur or animal testing. I try very hard to buy products and clothing that adhere to the same principles that I have.


Now, we know what you’re thinking. What can I do to help? Well here’s what! Be a love and share this video to help spread the word about animal rights! Easy as that!