We want all dogs to live indoors with families who love them, but PETA works in places where many people aren’t familiar with the concept of allowing dogs inside and where the law allows dogs to be chained around the clock.

If we can’t convince families to allow their pooches indoors—and if the dogs aren’t being kept in illegal conditions—our fieldworkers and volunteers do everything they can to improve the lives of these dogs and educate their guardians.

Thanks to PETA, many formerly hopeless dogs have also been given toys, treats, desperately needed attention, affection, and respect for  their individuality.

Meet some of the dogs we’ve helped!



Blackie was ankle-deep in mud and shivering from the cold when PETA staffers found her in a North Carolina backyard. They worked with her guardians to make her more comfortable. We gave this fluffy girl a sturdy doghouse and moved her to a grassy patch of land, where she was much happier—and drier!



Handsome Moyo had only part of a rotting wooden fence for shelter before PETA delivered a custom-built doghouse stuffed with dry straw bedding for him to curl up in.

Miss Feisty


Miss Feisty was thrilled to say, “Buh-bye!” to the overturned trash can that she’d had for shelter. Now she has a sturdy PETA doghouse.



PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP) volunteers got a thank-you cuddle after moving King to a dry patch of land and giving him his very own PETA doghouse during a nasty winter storm.


killerThe roof had fallen off Killer’s shelter, so his guardians haphazardly placed a mattress on top of the crumbling shack. PETA delivered a sturdy, safe, and warm doghouse to him along with a lightweight tie-out to replace his heavy metal chain.



Bear had only a pile of garbage to try to huddle under for shelter until we gave him a new doghouse. He was so happy about his new digs that he even smiled for the camera!



Rascal was tangled up in his chain and had only a crumbling stack of junk for shelter when CAP fieldworkers found him. After PETA gave him a new doghouse and a tangle-free, lightweight tie-out, Rascal was excited to have some room to move about.



Lucky’s luck changed the day PETA’s fieldworkers found him. Now, instead of spending his days watching as life passes him by from within a filthy pen, he has a grassy area, a new doghouse, and a long lightweight tie-out. Lucky jumped for joy after finally being able to move around and feel the fresh grass beneath his feet.



Freed from the dangerously junk-filled makeshift pen that she was confined to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Baby now has space to walk around, fresh grass to roll around in, and a cozy place to curl up in at night.

Remember, a doghouse is no substitute for a real home, where dogs are able to sleep at their guardians’ feet! If you know of any chained dogs in your area, find out how you can help them.