So you want to make a positive difference in the world right now? We gotchu.✨Slacktivism✨actually works. Remember when people were outraged at Taco Bell and demanded it switch its rice back to the vegan recipe? Well, it delivered!✅Or how about when Ringling Bros. closed because of public opinion?✅Companies are listening, and your voice matters.?

All you gotta do for each of the actions below is text a keyword to 73822.* When you text in, an e-mail will be sent to someone in a position to make a difference for animals. (Kind of like signing a petition or sending a letter.) You’ll be helping animals, and it takes just a few seconds.

*U.S. only. Message & data rates may apply. Periodic messaging. Text STOP to end or text HELP for info. Full terms are at

1. The dairy industry is one of the most abusive on the planet.?Female cows are forcibly impregnated on “rape racks,” and their calves are dragged away from them shortly after birth. These practices are cruel, and dairy “products” are totally unnecessary for human health. They’re actually pretty gross and bad for us. That’s why we’re asking Domino’s to introduce vegan cheese.

Just text PIZZA to 73822 to join us.*?

2. Carson & Barnes Circus has committed numerous federal Animal Welfare Act violations by failing to provide animals with adequate veterinary care and living space as well as giving them unclean water and inadequate ventilation, among other inhumane practices.?

Text ELEPHANT to 73822 to urge the circus to stop using elephants.*

3. PetSmart is well aware that investigation after investigation into its animal suppliers has found factory-farm conditions, filth, crowding, neglect, and abuse. Yet it continues to buy animals from mills like the ones where PETA’s observers saw animals who had been shipped around the world in cramped, improvised containers and stuffed into filthy, crowded plastic bins; sick and injured animals denied veterinary care; and animals cruelly killed by being gassed inside small bags or even frozen to death.

Text WRONG to 73822 to ask PetSmart to stop selling animals.*

4. Liberty Research, Inc., uses hundreds of dogs and cats each year in cruel tests.??In one experiment, workers used a drill to bore holes into the skulls of 30 young beagles so that the distemper virus could be injected directly into their brains. We—and they—need your help.

Text NEEDLE to 73822 to speak out for the dogs and cats at Liberty.*

5. H&M maintains that “no animal should ever suffer in the name of fashion” and already offers more vegan leather options than animal skins. Committing to selling only animal-free leather would legitimize its claims of being ethical and sustainable.

Leather production harms the environment and humans, too: Animal agriculture is a leading cause of methane emissions, which contribute to climate change, and mineral salts, formaldehyde, and coal-tar derivatives used in tanneries often leave nearby residents with higher rates of cancer and other diseases.

Text CRUEL to 73822 to urge H&M to respect animals, humans, and the environment by selling only vegan leather.*

6. Every year, the Canadian government allows sealers to shoot and bash in the heads of baby seals. Sealers hook the animals in the eye, cheek, or mouth when they drag them across the ice to avoid damaging their delicate fur.?Many of the seals have not even eaten their first solid meal or taken their first swim before they’re killed. We’re so close to ending this cruelty, but we need your voice to reach the tipping point.

Text CLUB to 73822 to help stop Canada’s commercial seal slaughter.*

7. For the last 35 years, experimenter Joe Kornegay, now at Texas A&M University, has purposely bred dogs to have a severe, painful form of canine muscular dystrophy, a crippling disease that makes it very difficult for them to walk, breathe, and swallow the liquid slop that they’re fed. They can’t fight back. All they’re able to do—just barely—is bark in frustration as their basic needs are ignored. It’s up to us to fight for them. As we cuddle up with our animals in our warm homes, these dogs will be sitting in cold cages waiting for someone to help them. Will you?

Text DOG to 73822 to tell Texas A&M to stop experimenting on dogs.*

8. Looking to do even more? Download the free peta2 app and you’ll never miss the latest victories for animals and new ways to help. You can call companies directly through the app to urge them to stop hurting animals. You’ll see events that are happening in your area, AND you’ll get lots of free stuff!