Summertime can be DEADLY for dogs. Tragically, not all dogs live in the safety and comfort of their guardian’s home. Some are kept chained outside, forced to face all weather extremes.

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Recently, an animal control officer who was responding to a call found a chained pit bull in Spartanburg, South Carolina, panting heavily and unable to walk. The dog was so ill from the heat that she could only drag herself by her front paws. The officer tried to give her immediate relief by spraying her with water and giving her a drink, but it was too late: The dog died later that day. “It was horrible the way [she] suffered,” said the officer. The dog’s owner has been charged with cruelty to animals.

Chained dogs already lead a miserable life of solitary confinement and neglect. Dogs are pack animals and crave companionship as much as you do! They suffer not only emotionally but also from being out in the hot weather, which can be fatal. Every single day, PETA fieldworkers help chained or penned dogs by giving them adequate shelter to protect them from the scorching sun. Here are a few of the dogs we’ve given relief to this summer:


PETA fieldworkers provided My’Joi with one of our custom-made doghouses, which include wide overhangs for shade. We also transported her to and from her spay appointment at one of our low- to no-cost clinics for free.


Jazz received a custom-made PETA doghouse to replace his woefully inadequate plastic carrier. Our fieldworkers spent nearly an hour raking waste and debris out of his pen. They also erected a tarp, as they have done for many other penned dogs, to ensure that he would have access to shade throughout the day as the sun shifts.


PETA fieldworkers stumbled across Bear while they were out on another call. We’re not even sure what the contraption was that he was using for shelter, but it provided him with little protection during terrifying thunderstorms, so we built him a proper doghouse.

What You Can Do

You can help dogs like My’Joi, Jazz, and Bear by keeping an eye out for “backyard dogs.” Check to make sure that they have proper shelter and access to fresh, clean water. Water is a vital necessity at all times but especially in hot weather, when dogs are constantly panting in an effort to cool themselves. Chained dogs often knock over their water bowls with their chains, so check on them often or try to find a way to prevent the bowl from tipping. If you suspect neglect or cruelty, contact authorities immediately. Don’t give up until you get results. If authorities are unresponsive, call PETA at 757-622-7382, option 2.

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