Last year, I visited an egg farm in Chino, California. This is what I saw:

Far from depicting the idyllic setting the egg industry wants you to picture when you open a carton of eggs, these photos tell the true story of egg-laying hens in Chino and on many factory farms in other towns across the country.

These hens were crammed four or five to a cage—unable to sit comfortably or even spread their wings—and were forced to live outside. The buildup of feces shows that the owner of this farm spent little time keeping the conditions sanitary.

When their frail bodies have been put through so much stress and they can no longer produce eggs, they are slaughtered and their flesh is used for chicken stock and soups. 🙁

The good news? YOU can speak up for these animals three times a day—every day—by choosing to leave eggs off your plate! Check out our vegan baking cheat sheet as well as our recipes for some delicious and cruelty-free meals!

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