People always say, “High school is one of the greatest times of your life!” I’ll just tell you now … that statement is usually totally inaccurate. But it doesn’t have to be! Make high school the best years of your life by making a difference for animals everywhere. If I could relive the last four years of my life, here’s what I would do:

Put DOWN the PB&J!

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If you’re eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day like I did, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life. Instead, make literally ANY of these recipes. You deserve better—trust me on this one.

Have a Voice in Class, Without Actually Speaking

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We’ve all had those teachers who expect total and complete silence in class. What’s up with that?! Here at peta2, we know that we should never be silent, and you shouldn’t either. By wearing your peta2 shirts, you can silently get the message across that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Share With Your Friends


I can tell you from experience, life improves drastically once your best friend falls in love with the beauty that is Daiya cheese. Be a superhero for animals by showing your friends that being vegan is SUPER-easy and delicious. Before you know it, you’ll be splitting a vegan pizza with YOUR best friend! Don’t forget to share your photos to make everyone wish that they were eatin’ that totally delish meal.

Start an Animal Rights Club!


By starting an animal rights club at school, you can help animals, make compassionate friends, and let your peers know that all animals deserve to be treated with respect. Get your classmates’ attention by offering free vegan food at your first club meeting!

Say NO to Dissection

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peta2 is here to help you cut out dissection—forever! Talk to your science teacher about humane alternatives, such as digital dissections. No frogs harmed! Check out the guide to cutting out dissection here.

Let Your Friends Know They Should ADOPT, Not Shop


Post photos of your adopted companion animals to Instagram with #adoptdontbuy. You know that adoption is the right choice, but do your friends?

Don’t Fight With People at School About Veganism


Trust me: My high school was filled with teenagers who suddenly became plant protectors and dietitians once they found out I was vegan. The statement “You’re killing plants by eating them” is seriously the worst. Everyone knows that plants don’t actually feel pain. Those kids at school are just trying to make high school harder than it already is. Shoot comebacks like these back at them, and they’ll never mess with you again.

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Order Your FREE Superhero Pack!

Since you’re a superhero for animals, you deserve your very own ACTION PACK! Keep up the good work, and remember: High school doesn’t have to suck! Follow this guide, and you’ll do just fine (and save animals, too!).