Check out these seven horrible things that you never knew about horse racing:

1. It’s not all fancy hats and champagne. The horse-racing industry hides the fact that the animals are unhappy and unhealthy so that it can continue to profit from them.

Horse Racing Undercover Investigation Injury Death

2. Horses sometimes begin training or are already racing when they’re only 2 years old. At such a young age, their bones are still growing and are unprepared for the pressure of running on a hard track at fast speeds. Racing is terrible for horses’ bodies.

3. Because they’re forced to run so fast and so often, horses are constantly getting injured on the racetrack. Instead of retiring them, humans often give them drugs to mask the pain and force them to keep racing. This causes their injuries to become even worse.

Horse Racing Drugged Investigation4. Horses used for racing live lonely lives. There are so many different people managing them—from trainers and handlers to veterinarians and jockeys—that they’re rarely able to bond with any humans.

5. Over 1,000 horses used for racing are injured and die every year. Many are euthanized (put to sleep) after suffering broken bones.

Horse Racing Investigation Euthanize

6. Horses are herd animals, but those used for racing don’t have the opportunity to form relationships with other horses because they’re always being dragged around in cramped trailers to different racetracks.

7. Although horse meat isn’t common in the U.S., it’s a big business in other places. When their racing days are over—at only 6 or 7 years old—the “winning” horses don’t get a fancy retirement. Instead, many of them are sent to Canada, Mexico, or Japan to be killed for meat. Thousands of horses are killed for the meat industry every single year.

Horse Racing Investigation Violent Death Caption

PETA has captured cruel, standard industry practices on camera during an eyewitness investigation of leading thoroughbred trainer Steve Asmussen. Watch the full video now:

So how can you help horses who are being abused by the cruel racing industry?

It’s easy! NEVER attend a race or bet on a horse while this suffering continues. And encourage your family and friends not to either by explaining how horses used for racing suffer.

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