Going on a night out with your friends can get pretty crazy. But things got a little too crazy—even downright terrible—at the Mokai Lounge nightclub in Miami when two people rode a horse onto the crowded dance floor.

Posted by Ixamar Palumbo on Thursday, March 8, 2018

WTF Was a Horse Doing in a Nightclub?!

It’s unclear how the horse got into the nightclub, but the animal was clearly out of his or her element. In the video, the terrified horse was forcibly led into the loud and crowded venue and slipped and crashed to the ground, landing on his or her back. Taking a horse into a packed nightclub—a highly unnatural environment for any animal—is dangerous for both the animal and for partygoers.

Authorities weren’t too happy about the incident, either. Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales called the incident an “actual threat to public health, welfare and safety.” The nightclub has lost its license, and local authorities are investigating the incident.

Plus, since when does a horse need to be in a nightclub to take partying to the next level?! This is all kinds of ridiculous—and, more importantly, it’s cruelty to animals.

“That horse could have easily been more spooked than what it already was and could have charged at the guests inside of there.”

—Miami Beach Police Department spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez

Twitter users showed how pissed off they were by the nightclub’s act.

Animals Aren’t Props

“Animal cruelty is an abhorrent and vile act.”

—Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated incident. Humans often use animals as props or for entertainment, and many animals have suffered—and even died—needlessly as a result. In addition to the countless animals captured and subjected to a life of misery in roadside zoos, circuses, and “amusement” parks such as SeaWorld, humans have also put animals in harm’s way—or even killed them—for shameless photo ops.

Sea animals such as dolphins and sharks are dragged from the ocean and left out in the hot sun so that people can take selfies. Recently, a dolphin was killed on a beach in Argentina after a mob of tourists pulled the animal out of the water to snap pics with him or her.

Baby tigers are often stolen from their mothers shortly after birth so that tourists can take photos with them while on vacation. These cubs deal with extreme stress and sometimes even physical abuse, and they’re normally shipped off to roadside zoos when they’re too large for the “perfect” photo op.

Simply put, animals are not props. A baby tiger, dolphin, horse, or any other animal doesn’t merit abusive treatment just so that people can have a good time.

What You Can Do

Getting turnt should never involve cruelty to animals. If an animal appears to be injured or in distress, or if you see anyone harassing any animal, please contact your local authorities immediately. If they don’t respond, contact PETA.

Spread the word! Let people know that it’s cool to get wild—but not when dangerous situations threaten the safety of animals and partygoers.