Summer vacation may be over, but the results of our sizzlin’ contest are turning the heat back up.  After thousands of votes and lots of sharing on social media by nominees and fans alike, we have the winners of peta2’s Hottest Vegan Celebrities contest. Check them out:

Chloe x Halle

These soulful sisters have more than just gorgeous voices—they have huge hearts for animals, too. Chloe and Halle, Beyoncé‘s protégés, credit their mother for starting them on their vegan journey—after she wanted to go vegetarian, the dynamic duo made the compassionate choice to go vegan and have never looked back. They also keep their voices in shape by staying away from dairy “products.” For Chloe, going vegan has been a breeze. She says, “Eggs and dairy never sat well with me and I never really liked cheese, so it was easy to let go.” If only being vegan could magically give us beautiful singing voices like the ones these talented sisters have. #OneCanDream ? ?

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith isn’t too shy to make a passionate plea for animal rights, and we love him for it. An actor, rapper, and compassionate entrepreneur, he’s a triple threat. He’s not afraid to speak out against cruelty to animals and to tell his fans how to stick up for animals, too. He decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle because he doesn’t want to “eat meat that has environmental repercussions.” Plus, he’s a total stan for vegan bacon and sausage. ?❤️

You didn’t think we could stop at just two, did you? We told you this list of nominees is way too hot to handle! Check out the runners-up:

Andy Biersack

It’s not just Andy’s piercing gaze that makes us swoon … it’s his generous heart, too. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Biersack, who performs under the stage name “Andy Black,” is a total vegan badass. As the front man of popular rock band Black Veil Brides, he’s hardcore for animal rights. He’s a self-proclaimed animal advocate who doesn’t hesitate to help animals in need, and he has the most adorable adopted pup. We think we’ve found our forever crush. ❤️

Sadie Sink

The Stranger Things actor is no stranger to animal rights. Breakout star Sadie Sink decided to go vegan for animals and for the environment. After a fateful encounter with actor and longtime vegan Woody Harrelson, who played her onscreen dad in The Glass Castle, she was inspired by his compassionate lifestyle. Now, she’s a full-on animal rights advocate who’s happy to show people why eating vegan is the way to go.

“When I first started going vegan, people were a little bit confused and I still get people who are confused about me being vegan. People think being vegan is some weird thing. That’s one argument that I’m willing to have because I know that I’m always going to win.”

—Sadie Sink

We couldn’t agree with her more. ❤️

Feeling Inspired?

You don’t need to achieve celeb status to be a star for animals. Like these nominees, you can keep cruelty off your plate, too. Check out our Guide to Going Vegan for delish recipes, tips, and more. #BlessUp