Here’s what we know:

  •      Studies have shown that dairy could increase women’s risk of breast cancer.
  •      Baby cows born on dairy farms are usually torn away from their mothers.
  •      Calf hutches are essentially storage units for living beings designed to isolate babies.

That makes dairy unhealthy—specifically for breasts—a destroyer of families, and insanely cruel.

Now try wrapping your brain around this: Agri-Plastics, which makes calf hutches, is marketing pink calf hutches during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and calling them “Hutches for Hope.”

This is the height of irony. Giving away Pink isolation hutches for baby calves, to spread awareness for #breastcancer, are you f*cking kidding me? Vegans will understand why this is so incredibly vile, but for those that don't: • 1) Just like human mothers, mother cows have to give birth in order to produce milk. #Dairycows are forcibly impregnated, and like us, they carry their baby for 9 months before giving birth. After their calf is born, the male babies are taken away and put into THESE?? isolation hutches for a few days before being killed and turned into #veal. The milk their mothers made for them, is then stolen and given to US. When the mothers can't produce milk anymore, they are sent to slaughter. • 2) The BIGGEST irony of it all is that dairy is one of the leading causes of #CANCER!! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Find out about how supposed "Cancer Foundations" are being sponsored by the dairy industry, by watching "WHAT THE HEALTH" on Netflix! Sources: (@nutrition_facts_org), Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine (@physicianscommittee). • #PostMilkEra #lactoseintolerant #lactoseintolerance #vegan #torontovegan #lactosefree #veganism #vegetarian #dairyisscary #nationalmilkday #isthisreallife #breastcancerawareness #dairyfree #dairyfarm #ditchdairy #farmlife #dairyindustry #dairycowsofinstagram #icecream #cheese #dairyfarming #whyimvegan #milkindustry #plantbasedmilks #agriplastics #calfhutch

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Hope? Hope? I hope this is a joke. Calf hutches are the tiny plastic crates that farmers use to lock baby calves in after they’ve been torn away from their mothers—who spend their lives hooked up to machines that pump milk out of them until they’re eventually sent to slaughter.

We Animals Jo-Anne McArthur

The baby girls are forced to live in these hutches right after they’re born, and then they’ll follow in their abused, exploited, and slaughtered mothers’ footsteps as soon as they’re old enough to be forcefully impregnated. Agri-Plastics essentially wants to raise awareness of breast cancer by selling pink torture devices that are used to keep babies in solitary confinement and exploit animals’ reproductive systems for milk. Then that milk is sold to humans and increases their risk of developing breast cancer. But oh, it’s pink. ?

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The American Cancer Society says that one-third of all cancer deaths in the United States can be attributed to dietary factors. That means at least three times out of 10, people got cancer because of what they ate. Guess what? Studies from around the world have proved that consuming animal fat, especially from red meat and high-fat dairy “products,” increases a person’s risk of developing breast cancer.

We’re all for raising awareness of a disease so that families won’t be torn apart by untimely deaths, but promoting the very product that might cause the deadly disease in many cases and is produced by tearing families apart and killing mothers and their babies is the worst marketing ploy I’ve ever heard of.

This campaign is a great example of how completely twisted the animal-ag industry is and how dumb its leaders must think we are. Don’t be fooled by their desperate attempts to make you think they’re up to any good. All they’re doing is torturing animals, perpetuating disease, and wasting pink dye.

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The internet has freaked out over this outrageous scheme, and it appears that the website has removed any mention of this campaign. However, it’s unclear whether the pink “hutches for hope” are still being made.

Check out peta2’s Guide to Going Vegan to help spare cows a life of isolation and exploitation followed by a terrifying and painful death and lower your risk of developing breast cancer with a healthy diet at the same time.