peta2: Why do you think that the punk movement embraces animal rights and vegetarianism more than others?

Billy: I think that the punk movement and this genre of music—no offense to any other bands, but bands on punk tours are really into their fans—they know that all the kids are looking at them, and they want to say something positive, and you might as well say something good when you have everyone looking at you. And I think there is such a friendship among the bands that one band might tell another band about something and then they tell another band and it spreads really fast. A lot of bands like giving a message and like having an audience and then talking to them about it.

peta2: You have so many fans that respect what you say—what is your message to them?

Billy: Animals can’t talk, you know, and if you are going to kill another person, they’re going to be like, “No, don’t kill me!” If you are gonna kill an animal, no one speaks for the animals. Someone’s got to do it, you know, like, my message would be that they are living a life, too. You can survive totally fine with not eating animals. You might as well just not eat them, so it’s kindof simple. Let people speak for the animals and just live normally, that’s how I feel about it. I think the biggest part is, I have a million pets—I have cats, dogs, spiders—I couldn’t imagine eating my pets. Why would I eat any other animals? You can survive totally fine without eating animals, so I don’t think that you should.

Interview With Good Charlotte