Filmmaker and photographer Jack Harries shares inspiring videos with his millions of followers, and now, he’s teamed up with PETA to expose the cruel animal-exploiting tourist attractions that travelers should avoid.

On vacation, people are often tempted to check out animal attractions—including elephant treks, marine parks, and roadside zoos. And a lot of them are interested in such attractions because they love being around animals. However, as Jack explains, animals pay a high, painful price for tourists’ desire to have a close encounter with them:

Animals will continue to suffer as long as tourists go on paying for these animal-abusing activities while on holiday. … Remember: A moment of enjoyment for us can mean a lifetime of misery for them.

Feeling Inspired?

Knowing about the abuse that animals experience at tourist attractions helps us spot cruel tourist traps more easily and find ways to end the suffering. Like Jack, you can help animals by refusing to visit places that hurt animals. Never visit any roadside zoos or animal attractions. If you’re planning a road trip with your family or friends, don’t be swayed by places that tack the word “sanctuary” or “rescue” onto their names. Ignore the billboards, and don’t spend any of your money or vacation time at places where animals have to suffer long after you’ve gone back home.

If you’d like to hang out with animals while on vacation, please visit an accredited animal sanctuary instead.