J.D.'s adYou must know by now that peta2 has the skinny on all the latest up-and-coming bands in the music scene, but sometimes we have to recognize the sheer awesomeness of a band like INXS, who has been putting out their special brand of new wave rock for years. Now INXS is continuing this fine tradition of bringing power guitars and synth pop to the masses with newly anointed frontman J.D. Fortune at the helm.

J.D. won the much-envied spot on the reality show Rock Star: INXS and won us over when we found out that he is a vegetarian! Not only does J.D. have a voice to be placed amongst rock royalty, but he also has a heart of gold when it comes to animals. J.D. even agreed to star in our new “Love ’em, Don’t Eat ’em” ad (which is pretty darn cute, if we do say so ourselves).

J.D. also recently sat down with peta2 to let us know about the joys of being vegetarian in peta2’s very first veg testimonial. We found out that he swears by the extra energy that a cruelty-free diet gives him and also feels better knowing that what he eats doesn’t contribute to the suffering of animals.

Check out the rest of what J.D. had to say about being vegetarian and about his dog Presley in this exclusive interview. Inspired by what J.D. had to say? Then take the Veg Pledge. Extra energy and no guilt about what you’re eating? Sounds great to us.