When Jesse & Joy aren’t busy writing chart-topping ballads and pop hits, they hang out with their beloved animal companions—Jesse’s dog, Apple, and Joy’s cat, Ramón. The singing siblings have huge hearts for animals, and they’re passionate about sticking up for all cats and dogs!

The Grammy-winning artists behind hits like “¡Corre!” and “¿Con quién se queda el perro?” sat down with peta2 to chat about animal companions and the animal-homelessness crisis. Watch them talk about companion animals and the proper care that they deserve:

Every year in the U.S., about 6 to 8 million lost, abandoned, or unwanted dogs and cats enter animal shelters. There are far more cats and dogs in need of a caring family than there are kind humans, like Jesse and Joy, who can provide them with a loving permanent home. Approximately 3 to 4 million—many of them healthy, young, and adoptable—are euthanized in U.S. animal shelters every year.

“[T]here’s a huge population of cats and dogs, [and] there’s a huge lack of humans that are responsible and know how to take care of their pets and treat them as family members,” Jesse explains.

The companion-animal overpopulation crisis can be overwhelming, but solving it starts with spaying and neutering in order to prevent litter after litter of unwanted animals from being born.

Spaying and neutering reduces (or even eliminates!) only the types of behavior you aren’t so thrilled about, like aggression and urine marking. Plus, neutered animals enjoy longer, happier lives. Among many other health benefits, animals who are spayed or neutered are less likely to contract deadly, contagious diseases, such as feline AIDS and feline leukemia, which are spread via bodily fluids. And as Joy says, having them spayed or neutered “helps prevent different types of cancer in females or males.”

Treat Animal Companions Like Family

Jesse & Joy understand that cats and dogs are members of the family, just like brothers and sisters, and should be treated as such.

“We’re a family-based band—we’re siblings—and we thank our parents for showing us how important any life is and the importance of family and family members.”

If you’re thinking about welcoming an animal companion into your home, then—like Jesse & Joy—you can show how awesome it is to demonstrate compassion toward animals by adopting one. Use Petfinder and PetHarbor or visit your local animal shelter to meet your future animal companion, aka “best friend 4eva.”

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