What do a legendary country singer, a Canadian pop-rock band, a classic rock group, and a bad-ass grrrl rocker have in common? They all think that orca abuse is wrong—and are doing something about it!

barenaked ladies
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After watching the documentary Blackfish and learning about the miserable lives of orcas in SeaWorld’s cramped tanks, the popular rock band Barenaked Ladies canceled their scheduled concert at the marine mammal prison. It didn’t take long for other bands to follow suit and cancel their shows, spreading the message that protecting abused orcas is more important than money. The female-fronted classic rock band Heart and legendary country singer-songwriter Willie Nelson also recently canceled SeaWorld gigs, prompting the park to remove the entire list of scheduled performances from its website!
Willie Nelson
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After Willie announced that he was canceling his scheduled performance, a SeaWorld spokesperson claimed that the cancellation was the result of “scheduling conflicts,” but Willie immediately set the record straight, calling CNN himself to explain the REAL reason why he canceled the gig. See his live interview here:

It’s time for SeaWorld execs to face the music as more and more celebs draw attention to the marine park’s cruelty. Not even a week after Willie canceled his appearance, rock icon Joan Jett hit SeaWorld with a cease-and-desist order after she was shocked to find out that the park was using her hit “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” in its cruel show without permission.

Joan Jett
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Here’s what Joan said in her letter to Jim Atchison, the park’s president and CEO:

I was surprised and upset to see on YouTube that SeaWorld used ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ as the opening music for its cruel and abusive ‘Shamu Rocks’ show. I’m among the millions who saw ‘Blackfish’ and am sickened that my music was blasted without my permission at sound-sensitive marine mammals. These intelligent and feeling creatures communicate by sonar and are driven crazy in the tiny tanks in which they are confined. If I don’t receive written confirmation that SeaWorld will cease and desist from using any Joan Jett & the Blackhearts music, I will be forced to take further action, and you’ll find me among the PETA protesters outside your parks.

Thank you, Barenaked Ladies, Heart, Willie Nelson, Joan Jett, and all the other compassionate people who have have stood up for abused marine animals! SeaWorld can only continue to imprison orcas if people continue to buy tickets. Pledge never to go to SeaWorld!

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