We Hate Iams

Morrissey by Wolfgang Tillmans for Index Magazine

Morrissey, brooding pop genius and former lead singer of The Smiths, shows his disapproval of Iams’ bizarre laboratory studies in the February 2004 issue of Index Magazine. Morrissey, a staunch vegetarian, insisted that photographer Wolfgang Tillmans shoot him with the three border collies who live at a recording studio in England, as he brandished a cardboard sign declaring, “We Hate Iams.”

Why is Morrissey fed up with Iams? A PETA undercover investigation revealed deplorable conditions at an Iams contract laboratory. At least 27 dogs were killed, while others died of illnesses that went untreated, despite assurances from Iams that no animal in any Iams test would ever be deliberately killed. Here are some examples of what PETA’s investigator found:

  • Dogs and cats confined to small, barren cages, some for up to six years
  • Dogs’ vocal chords surgically cut so that they couldn’t bark
  • Kennels that were extremely hot in the summer and near-freezing in the winter
  • Dogs being force-fed vegetable oil through tubes inserted down their throats