Most of the world first laid eyes (and ears) on Houston-born singer Josh Levi when he blew the judges away with his stripped-down version of Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It” on The X Factor. If you aren’t a member of #LEVINATION yet, here are five reasons why you should get on board:

  1. Josh loves animals! Dogs, hippos, or dolphins—he believes that animals “have minds, they have brains, they have hearts of their own, and they deserve respect and to be protected and to be safe and to be loved.” ♥

  1. That smile …

old red carpet photo i actually like xx

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  1. He knows that animals are not ours to wear. When it comes to wearing fur, Josh told peta2, “[I]f you’ve ever seen the process of an animal being skinned, it’s horrible.” Animals on fur farms are often electrocuted, beaten, drowned, and sometimes even skinned alive—all for a fashion accessory or an article of clothing. If you wouldn’t skin and wear your dog, don’t wear any animal fur!


  1. This cute little dance that he does with peta2’s (Not a) Nugget mascot.
  1. He wants you to get active for animals. Join the peta2 for easy ways to make a difference for animals every day!

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