Takara, a 25-year-old orca at SeaWorld San Antonio, has endured a lifetime of suffering.  SeaWorld employees have artificially inseminated her many times, separated her from her mother and two of her children, and shuffled her from theme park to theme park at their whim.

On Wednesday, April 19th, Takara had another baby and PETA is calling on SeaWorld to do the right thing and spare her fifth calf a lifetime of suffering in prison. We’re urging the company to retire both mother and child to a seaside sanctuary, where the baby may someday be reunited with Takara’s mother, other children, and grandchildren.

While Takara’s baby will be the last born at SeaWorld after the company was forced to end its cruel orca-breeding program, because, according to its CEO, “The data and trends showed it was either a SeaWorld without whales or a world without SeaWorld,” SeaWorld MUST do the right thing and spare these orcas’ suffering, and send them to a sea sanctuary. They must not allow this baby to swim in endless circles in tiny tanks for decades like other orcas have for so many years.

SeaWorld can act now and craft a transition plan to move Takara, her baby, and other long-suffering animals at its parks into ocean sanctuaries so that they may have some semblance of a natural life.

What You Can Do

Never go to SeaWorld and urge your friends to stay away, too. Demand that the theme park releases the animals held captive to sea sanctuaries.