Recently in Stockton, California, a woman was spotted driving down a traffic-filled street as her dog ran beside the car, tethered to it by a rope. A concerned person saw what was happening and began filming the car with her phone and also confronted the driver. The video, which she later posted to her Facebook page, shows the dog running alongside the car as other vehicles whiz past.

According to news reports, the Stockton Police Department has said that the incident might not be considered cruelty to an animal but that the woman may have been cited for a violation such as “distracted driving” if officers had witnessed it. WTF?!

What You Can Do

While the dog in the video appears to to have made it through the incident uninjured, this stunt was dangerous, irresponsible, and lazy AF, people! Never, ever attach a dog’s leash to any vehicle or bicycle. The dog could trip, fall, be dragged along the pavement, become tangled in the leash, sustain a serious injury, or be hit by other vehicles. If you ever see someone endanger or mistreat an animal, call the police immediately. If they are unresponsive, contact PETA

Tater Tot dog walk on leash

Be the exact opposite of the woman in the video: a responsible dog guardian. Have you ever noticed that when your dog goes outside, he or she wants to stop every few feet to smell the surroundings? That’s because sniffing is a dog’s greatest pleasure and really the best part of the walk for them—something they’re deprived of when rushed through their walk. Dogs’ daily walks are their chance to stretch their legs, get some fresh air, and explore, so do NOT treat this important bonding opportunity like a chore. Instead, take your time and enjoy the moment—and let your dog enjoy it, too.

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