The phrases below describe what happens to millions of minks, rabbits, foxes, dogs, cats, and other animals killed for their fur every year. But what you may not know is that cows, dogs, and other animals also suffer and die during the production of leather items—and their deaths are no less horrible, heartbreaking, or appalling than of those who are killed for their fur.




Leather Fur Tortured



Left to die

Leather Fur Left to Die

So is leather any better or worse than fur? The answer: Leather is JUST AS BAD as fur. Leather is not a byproduct of the meat industry—instead, it supports it. Wearing the skin of another living being means that he or she had to endure unimaginable suffering and experience a painful death at the hands of the industries that exploit animals. Luckily, more and more people all over the world, including countless celebrities, are taking a stand against the cruelty of the fur industry and other cruel industries.

PETA Asia’s investigation of the Chinese dog-leather trade revealed that workers bludgeoned and slaughtered up to 200 dogs every day to be made into leather gloves, belts, and other accessories. These dogs were no different from the ones we share our homes with—and none of them wanted to die.


In India, where most of the leather in the United States comes from, cows are marched hundreds of miles in extreme heat to their deaths, and chili peppers and tobacco are rubbed into their eyes in order to keep them moving when they slow down or collapse from exhaustion. Once they’ve reached the slaughterhouse, their throats are slit and they’re skinned—sometimes while they’re still alive.


Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to go leather-free. Companies everywhere are offering cruelty-free alternatives that are stylish and compassionate and won’t break the bank.

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