Thanks to people like YOU who spoke out, Lily the bear has been rescued following a PETA campaign.🙌

Lily is about 10 years old and has lived—if you can call it that—most of her life in intense confinement and loneliness. Her hell began when she was born at the notorious Natural Bridge Zoo in Virginia, which has been cited several times for things such as not providing animals with adequate veterinary care and having dirty and broken enclosures. When she was just a cub, she was transferred to a Maryland roadside zoo called Deer Haven Mini Zoo, which wasn’t any better. At this “mini zoo,” her living area was an empty structure that was meant to dry and store corn.

lily the bear in cage with tire swing

Her enclosure was often filled with piles of feces and puddles of urine, and she had nothing to entertain herself with except a pitiful tire swing. Even the facility’s owner admitted that the structure was not an appropriate habitat for a bear, but that didn’t stop him from keeping Lily trapped there. Asiatic black bears like her enjoy climbing and exploring, but she could take no more than a few steps in any direction.

Could you imagine if THIS was your home?!

Could you imagine if THIS was your home?!

After being overwhelmed with tons of phone calls from concerned PETA and peta2 supporters, Deer Haven Mini Zoo finally agreed to retire Lily to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. While she gets used to the new sights, sounds, and smells, she’s being kept in a smaller enclosure there. But soon, she’ll be released into a larger habitat, where she’ll have acres in which to roam, climb, and explore for the first time in her life. ♥ Check out footage of her heartwarming rescue: 

What You Can Do

Never go to any place that uses animals for entertainment. Every dollar spent at an awful tourist trap contributes to their miserable lives. If you ever see an animal who is sick or injured or who has inadequate food, water, or shelter, take photos if you can and notify animal control or the police immediately. If neither responds quickly, contact us.


Your voice makes a difference! Lily is the 57th bear rescued by PETA from roadside zoos and backyard pens in the past four years, and we couldn’t have done it without people like you, who helped raise awareness of her situation. Please share this story to help others like her.

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