After several years of discussions with PETA, Lorillard Tobacco Company made a landmark move by banning all animal testing!

In the past, Lorillard conducted tests in which rats were forced to inhale cigarette smoke—and it is not the only tobacco company to have done so! Other major companies, including R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris International, and Altria, have conducted tests in recent years in which animals were forced to inhale cigarette smoke, eat tobacco, and have cigarette tar painted on their bare skin. These tests have continued, despite not being required by law, their inapplicability to human smokers, and the existence of superior non-animal testing methods.


Lorillard’s progressive new policy banning tests on animals establishes it as an industry leader that is embracing modern science instead of sickening and killing animals.

The company’s new policy reads, in part:

It is the policy of Lorillard, Inc. not to conduct or commission research involving animals and will in good faith otherwise not use animals unless necessary to meet regulatory requirements. In order to eliminate animal testing, Lorillard R&D will use scientifically accepted or validated alternative test methods and technologies that avoid the use of live animals. Such methods and tests may include in vitro cell culture tests, advanced chemistry tests and computer modeling programs.


Photo by: Sirenz Lorraine | CC by -ND 2.0 

The recent move makes Lorillard the largest tobacco company in the U.S. to have ended tests on animals and the second largest in the world!

Many countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom, have banned cigarette testing on animals altogether. Lorillard’s compassionate decision has set a precedent, and PETA is actively urging other U.S. tobacco companies to follow its lead.

Thank you to everyone who has signed a petition, sent a text message, visited our booth on Warped Tour, or made a DIY T-shirt in support of our “Animals Don’t Smoke” campaign. Even more victories will happen as more awareness of this issue spreads, so keep it up! Continue vowing never to be silent, and let people know that animals don’t smoke!