If you haven’t already heard, lube is now considered a “medical device” and new U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules require that lubricant companies test on animals! This means putting the stuff inside rabbits’ vaginas, injecting it into mice’s stomachs or guinea pigs’ skin, forcing animals to live in cramped and lonely cages, and ultimately killing these animals. They’re killed even though there are animal-free tests available to ensure that the products are safe for humans.

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I don’t know about you, but the entire thing seems ridiculous to me. Animal testing isn’t just cruel, it’s also bad science. Ninety-two percent of drugs that pass tests on animals fail in humans because they either are dangerous or don’t work. Think about it: If your body is physically different from a bunny’s, would it really make sense to use rabbits to test products that are going to be used on you? NOPE.

Plus, animals aren’t put on Earth for humans to experiment on—they’re born with the inherent right to be left alone and to live in peace. As a kitty “mama,” I can’t even imagine subjecting one of my girls to such terrifying and painful experiments, and no other animals deserve that kind of treatment, either.

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Human safety is important—of course—and more modern, effective testing methods exist. One option uses human vaginal cells in petri dishes instead of killing rabbits. One lube company, Good Clean Love, asked the FDA to accept this non-animal test, but the regulatory agency still required the experiment on rabbits.


PETA is working with companies like Good Clean Love to make sure that they keep asking the FDA to accept modern, animal-free tests. Non-animal tests can help to ensure that no one will be harmed and that you as a consumer can have your sexy fun without any irritation!

What You Can Do to Help

Always shop cruelty-free and check PETA”s online searchable database of over 1,900 companies that don’t test on animals!

Please spread the word. The more people become aware of how much animals suffer in labs, the more they’ll stop supporting this preventable cruelty.

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