This tea is hot, and I’m about to spill it. MAC Cosmetics is STILL paying for cruel and painful tests on animals—although it seems to want you to think otherwise. Here’s what the company says on its website:

But dig deeper, past all the wordsmithing and you can see that MAC pays others to test on animals for it.

Ummmm … excuse me, MAC. If you’re paying for animals to be poisoned and killed just so that you can sell more products to make more money, the blood is still on YOUR hands.

If you were SERIOUS about being a leader in the movement to end animal testing globally, you’d get out of China and stop paying for tests on animals … globally. Hypocritical much?

I’m not buying the company’s “cruelty-free” claims, and you shouldn’t, either.

Think about it: There’s no law in the U.S. that requires that cosmetics be tested on animals—and it’s illegal to do so in many countries, including India, New Zealand, Norway, and those in the EU. In fact, there are TONS of effective, humane testing methods available. But MAC continues to pay for animals to be abused and killed. Why? So that it can sell in China.

The Chinese government currently requires that all imported and domestically manufactured special-use cosmetics be tested on animals in order to be sold in mainland China. So to sell their products in that country and make more money, some companies are paying Chinese government laboratories to poison animals.

Substances are force-fed to them, chemicals are smeared onto their skin and dripped into their eyes, and the bottom line is death. If MAC did the right thing and stopped selling in that country, the company would send a message to the world, loud and clear: It doesn’t support the suffering of animals, no matter what.

The good news is that more than 3,100 truly compassionate companies are sticking with their ethics and refusing to sell in China until that country’s government ends its animal testing requirements. Hey, e.l.f., wet n wild, NYX, The Body Shop, Kat Von D, and others—we see you over there being heroes for animals, remaining strong and cruelty-free!

So as long as MAC continues to pay for things like this to happen …

… I won’t support it and will stick with brands that have their hands clean. Don’t be an accomplice to animals’ murder—never buy products from a company that tests on them. When asked about their policies, some companies say that they don’t conduct animal tests unless required to by law—which often means that they’re choosing to allow the cruel tests so that they can sell products in China. Don’t buy it!

If you’re not sure whether a company tests on animals, check our cruelty-free database and browse our 9 fave makeup brands to buy instead of MAC!