We were beyond excited when we found out that we were going to work with one of the coolest chicks in metal, the one and only Maria Brink of In This Moment. She’s wicked hot, fiercely talented, and not afraid to stand up for helpless animals who are abused in the entertainment industry. Take a moment to check out our new public service announcement (PSA) featuring Maria.

Chimpanzees, elephants, dogs, cats, monkeys, tigers … these are the creatures who come to mind when one thinks about animals in entertainment. What doesn’t come to mind, however, is the cruel and inhumane reality of what life is like for these poor animals.

Whether in the circus or on TV, animals who are used for entertainment are not happy. Behind the scenes at the circus, elephants are kept chained up for days at a time, beaten with bullhooks, and given electric shocks. Workers use sticks to viciously strike tigers in order to force them to perform difficult and confusing tricks. Likewise, animal actors in movies and on TV may grab people’s attention, but that familiar chimpanzee “grin” is actually a grimace of fear or a carefully choreographed response to a command. Young chimps are beaten and forced to perform. Sometimes, shock devices are used. These systematic patterns of abuse can cause the animals to become anxious and fearful, always anticipating the worst. That’s no way for any animal to live!

Animals who are used in entertainment don’t have a choice, and that is truly heartbreaking. But you have a choice in what you support, so please follow Maria’s lead and do not support the circus or any other acts that use animals.