Earlier this year, I brought you the news about McDonald’s adorably named vegan burger in Norway: the Veggie McSpice. I immediately started experiencing some serious FOMO and wanted to hop on a plane just to try the sandwich—which looks more like a vegan chicken patty than a burger, IMO. But NOW, I have even more good news to be jealous about.

McDonald’s has just launched another vegan burger, this time in Finland. The new burger is called the McVegan, and it more closely resembles an actual hamburger patty. It looks delicious!

According to reports, the fast-food company is testing out the McVegan at stores in Tampere, and if it’s successful, the chain might start selling the burger in more locations. Fingers crossed!

Unfortunately, in the United States, McDonald’s continues to disappoint customers and harm animals by ignoring the growing demand for more plant-based foods. The U.S. restaurants offer practically no vegan options and should be avoided entirely. Even the FRIES aren’t vegan—they contain beef fat. Yuck!

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So until McDonald’s changes its ways in the U.S., I guess I’ll have to lurk on IG pics of lucky vegans in Norway and Finland eating their vegan burgers and fries.

Will U.S. McDonald’s restaurants finally get with the times like Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Johnny Rockets have? Send the company a quick, polite note to let it know that you’d love to see vegan items on U.S. menus.

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