Take two ultra-cute sisters/indie-pop rock stars, add a bunny who just wants to be cuddled, and you get a new peta2anti-fur ad that can put anything on cute overload to shame. When we heard that Meg and Dia hate fur as much as a vegan loves chocolate soy ice cream (and that’s a lot), we just had to have them star in our latest and most adorable “Be a Bunny’s Honey” ad to date.

We can’t decide who is cuter—the girls or Brown the bunny? See who you think can melt more hearts in the photo flipbook to your right. Then check out the video below for all the delightful bunny mayhem that took place during Meg and Dia’s photo shoot.

Doesn’t seeing Brown the bunny in all his bunny glory make you want to puke every time you see someone wearing fur? It should, because making a bunny into something you wear is just gross … and sad. So be like Meg and Dia and go fur-free! Just click on the button below to take the fur-free pledge—you and the bunnies will not regret it. Pardon this ever-so-clever pun, but hop to it!