I was blown away upon first meeting Megan Massacre. Not only is she striking—a smokin’ hottie—she’s also a longtime vegetarian who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. With a simple message, “I am Megan Massacre, and I am a vegetarian,” Megan stars in her first peta2 ad, which encourages fans to ditch meat and try a vegetarian diet. Check out the ad and everything she has to say in our exclusive interview.

Megan Massacre Vegetarian PSA

Taking home her first peta2 Sexiest Vegetarian nomination this year, Megan first learned about a meat-free lifestyle through her friends, and that influence made a strong impact. She learned that the meat and dairy industries are not full of the “happy cows” often portrayed in advertisements—it’s actually quite the opposite:

  • Factory farmed animals (both those used for their milk and those used for meat) live very sad and disturbing lives. Because the system is designed to produce the most meat, milk, and eggs as quickly and cheaply as possible, many animals are kept in tiny cages or stalls, are deprived of exercise, and are not able even to move around. Injured animals often receive no veterinary care for the abuses that they suffer at the hands of factory farm and slaughterhouse workers.
  • Lack of veterinary care, combined with drastically crowded conditions, often leads to disease, and that means that farmers pump the animals up with antibiotics.
  • When animals are consumed, so is everything that’s been put into their bodies, and that’s just gross!

The best way to save animals from this life of misery is to stop buying and eating meat, eggs, and dairy products. A vegan diet saves more than 100 animals per year, so stand up with Megan Massacre and make the compassionate choice—go vegetarian today!