My name is Katia Rodríguez, and I’m a Street Teamer from Monterrey, Mexico! I’ve always loved animals, and I show that by not eating them. But I started to ask myself: Is being vegan really enough? What if we can share what we know to create a positive effect on other people in order to influence them to change? That’s the reason why I became active—to share the information that I have with others. Since I became an activist, I’ve noticed a lot of young people who are interested in helping animals. Activism in Mexico is just getting stronger and stronger! 🙂

Here are some ways that YOU can help animals in Mexico—or anywhere:

  • Go vegan! Why? I’ll keep it simple: You can save 100 animals per year just by switching what’s on your plate! Going vegan is the best way to end world hunger and the easiest way to live a healthier life—going vegan can even fight climate change!
  • Join the Street Team! Once you join the Street Team, you’ll start receiving e-mails letting you know about the latest ways to help animals.
  • Do your research. Stay informed about the different areas in which animals suffer for the longest periods of time: on factory farms, for animal testing, and in the fur and entertainment industries.
  • Spread the message with your school project! You can help animals with your homework. Click here for some tips on what to write about. Want to go above and beyond? Speak with your school principal to arrange to give a talk yourself in the auditorium!
  • Social networking. We can help animals by sharing information on social networks, but hey, guys—don’t abuse it. Try to be as positive as possible while still getting your message across. 🙂 I like to share peta2 videos on my page.
  • Support or start an animal rights group at your school. You can organize monthly meetings and plan activities, such as tablings, donation drives to help your local animal shelter, fundraisers to help animals, vegan food giveaways, and animal rights movie screenings!
  • Work with other activists around town. Show some support since that’s what makes activism successful. If you know that a local activist has planned a protest and you have free time, make your own poster and head out there! Invite other activists to work with you on other projects or plan something together—it’s always good to have more people involved.
  • Pass out leaflets. Choose a campaign, and leaflet around town. You can leaflet on public sidewalks, at events, or outside a school—but you MUST ask for permission first. Click here to print leaflets!
  • Set up a table. Get permission to set up a table, and then print leaflets and petitions for people to sign. (Did I mention that peta2 has Spanish stickers that you can print too?). Smile, be polite at all times, and always remember that the reason you’re out there is to help animals and teach people about animal rights!

If you need some more advice, e-mail [email protected]. Live in Mexico and need some help? You can shoot me a message here.

Buena suerte,
Katia Rodríguez