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Miley Cyrus, who never misses an opportunity to speak out for animals, recently announced a new addition to her family—a beagle named Barbie she adopted from the Beagle Freedom Project.

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About 7,000 dogs are trapped in laboratories in the U.S., and the majority of them are beagles. They’re used in cruel tests, such as being forced to ingest or inhale pesticides.💔

PETA recently achieved a victory for these dogs when, after discussions with our scientists, Health Canada stated that it would end its requirement that yearlong tests on dogs be conducted to study the effects of pesticides. PETA campaigned against these tests in the U.S., and they were ended in 2007.

Happy to introduce the newest member of my family Barbie @beaglefreedom #stopanimaltesting #donttestonbeagles

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Luckily, thanks to Miley and the Beagle Freedom Project, Barbie is now set to enjoy a happy life full of love. She even got in a picture with Tani, the rescued dog of vegan cutie Liam Hemsworth.

Sisterzzzz!!!! Barbie ❤️s Tani!!!! @beaglefreedom #stopbeagletesting #loveanimalsdontharmthem

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Congratulations to Miley and Barbie!

If you want to follow in Miley’s compassionate footsteps, always adopt from shelters, never buy from pet stores, and check our database of cruelty-free companies that don’t test on animals.