If there’s any question in your mind as to which band is the most diehard when it comes to animal rights, we have three words for you: Most Precious Blood. Not only is the group widely heralded as one of the best hardcore bands to date, but it’s also brought the animal rights message to audiences since its inception. Most Precious Blood includes peta2 cards and stickers in its albums, tours the country with a huge “Please Think Before You Eat” banner stuck to the side of its trailer, and distributes peta2 literature at every show. Guitarist Justin even has “Meat Is Murder” tattooed across the back of his neck. Plus, the band swung by our headquarters and chatted with us about everything from adopting stray animals to the benefits of a veggie lifestyle. Now, in conjunction with the release of its album Merciless, the gang stars in our latest vegetarian ad with the message, “The Meat Industry Is Merciless to Animals.”

And, while we believe that Most Precious Blood’s feelings regarding the slaughtering of animals for food are pretty darn clear, we thought we’d give you another visual to help you see just why they leave animals off their dinner plates. That clear things up? Good. Now why don’t you check out some more humane food options to fill your hungry belly. And finally, order a free vegetarian starter pack, which includes tons of free stickers, a free copy of peta2’s High Fives & Stage Dives DVD.